Black Excellence

ABEEL (EllisDon) Foundation Sponsorship Program 

The Alliance of Black Employee Experience and Leadership (“ABEEL”) Foundation aims to encourage youth across Canada to share their vision of a future without racism and bring to light all intersectional issues that stem from racism. This year, Canadian youth will use a creative medium of their choosing to bring their ideas to life, including creative writing, non-fiction writing, photography, visual arts, music, or video. There will be one winning team per school

THIS YEAR’S QUESTION : How can we eliminate Anti-Black racism in your community? 


Applicant groups must register by Thursday, December 16, 2021 by submitting Registration Requirements (Page 11-12) via email to or by completing your registration via this link.

For the full registration package and information, please click here

Submission Requirements

1. Applicant groups can include up to a maximum of 5 students. Group Work is encouraged.
2. Applicants should ensure their group is diverse. We strongly encourage the inclusion of 1 or more Black students.
3. All response requirements must be completed and submitted in the format requested (non-fiction writing, creative writing, video/audio, visual art).
4. Applicants must submit their submission responses by Friday, January 14, 2022 @ 11:59 pm. Late submissions will not be accepted.
5. All completed submissions must be submitted to our evaluation team at via email to with a subject line as follows: [City] – [School Name]

RBC Coding Opportunity for Black Students

Are you a Black identifying student interested in coding ? The RBC Winter Code Crunch might be the opportunity for you ! Go to the site : and register before December 15. The event happens on December 20-22 from 1-4:30 PM each day.

For more information, check out the FAQ and Flyer below !

RBC Winter CC – Frequently Asked Questions

RBC Coding Crunch Information