Exercise to Success – Virtual Program

This is an amazing group, with great people and it is a wonderful and inclusive place for ALL. This is a great chance to connect with other students.  In addition to get fit physically, it is an excellent place to participate in important discussions, have fun, to build great relationships, get fit emotionally as well as a great way to develop leadership skills.

Exercise to Success;

  *   You’re connected to a warm and supportive community!
  *   We love new participants to join!
  *   A great place for friendship and fitness!
  *   A place where relationships matter and you are part of a caring community!
  *   A great place for Fitness and Community!
  *   All Are Welcome!!!!!

Happy New Year!!! = Means Friendship, Community, Health and Fitness!!!!


Join us EVERY THURSDAY, from 3:45PM-5:15PM

Copy and paste this link to join us :   meet.google.com/ykk-drba-hqb