Student Mental Health Ontario – ThriveSMH

Applications are now open through Student Mental Health Ontario for ThriveSMH, a provincial student reference group. This is a group of students working within School Mental Health Ontario to amplifythe voices of students and support equitable school mental health, focussing on ways to reduce stigma and promote mental health. The group is looking for students in grades 7-11 from publicly funded schools across Ontario. Students with identities that have been historically disadvantaged, oppressed and marginalized, including those that self-identify as Black, Indigenous, racialized, a person with a disability, diverse bodied and/or 2SLGBTQI+ are encouraged to apply. The application is open until April 13, 2022. Click here for the link!

ThriveSMH 2022 Recruitment Hello! Thank you for your interest in joining School Mental Health Ontario’s (SMH-ON) provincial student reference group, ThriveSMH! What is ThriveSMH? ThriveSMH (Thrive School Mental Health) is a group of passionate students from across the Ontario. We work within School Mental Health Ontario (SMH-ON) to amplify the voices of students and supports equitable school mental […]