“Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.” ~Shakuntala Devi

It is exactly right! What can we do without math? The Math Department team at NACI is consistently adapting processes that best enable students to understand mathematical concepts that relate to today’s real-world contexts and learn related skills to further enhance their preparation for all post-secondary programs.

We are offering a variety of math courses starting from essential math skills, in support of everyday life living up to the highest academic math level in support of different post-secondary pathways. Our department is actively involved in different mathematical competitions organized by the University of Waterloo.

In today’s digital world, our department is providing the best teaching practices in mastering the necessary educational technology tools and online learning platforms to better accommodate our students’ needs towards successful learning experiences.


Math Department received the final results for the latest math contests hosted by the University of Waterloo this school year. We would like to thank all participants for their perseverance and hard work.

Congratulations to the following students who received a Certificate of Distinction and School Champion Medals for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest

     Om P. P. – Certificate of Distinction and School Champion Medal

     Tanvi P. –  Certificate of Distinction

  • Pascal

      Nihar S. – Certificate of Distinction and School Champion Medal

  • Cayley

      Neelay P. – Certificate of Distinction and School Champion Medal

  • Fryer

     Prisha T. – School Champion Medal

  • Galois

     Neelay P. – School Champion Medal

  • Hypatia

     Shanjuban S. – Certificate of Distinction and School Champion Medal

  • Euclid

     Om P. P. – Certificate of Distinction and School Champion Medal

     Tanishka J. – Certificate of Distinction



Math Contest (University of Waterloo)

While our Math Department at NACI is effectively preparing students to master mathematical skills through our courses, we strongly encourage all students to participate in offered math contests. This will tremendously help with enhancing math skills and provide more opportunities for success with standardized tests in the secondary and post-secondary pathways.


  • Grade 12 Math Contest

(Contest date is April 7, 2021. Submission Deadline is March 17, 2021)

This announcement is for all grade 12 students who are willing to participate in the annual Math contest exercised by the University of Waterloo. 

If you are interested in participating, click here or scan the QR Code below to submit your request. (Please ensure you are signed in to your student Google account.)



  • Grade 9, 10, and 11 Math Contest

(Contest date is April 14, 2021. Submission Deadline is March 24, 2021)

All grade 9, 10, and 11 students, willing to participate in this Math contest,  might use this link or scan the QR Code below to submit their request. (Please ensure you are signed in to your student Google account.)


Problem of the Week

Are you willing to have some more fun with math? This is the right place where you play and also get recognized.

Solve the weekly math questions provided to sharpen your analytical and critical thinking skills while learning to apply math in your daily life. Simply go to the Student Resources channel in the “My School Day” app to play :). Enjoy it!! 

Winner for the week May 13 – May 20

Nihar S.


Previous winners:  Karan C., Nihar S., and Hassan Q., Ayush P


Math Tutoring for NACI Students

Do you need help with your math homework or have a question related to a specific math skill that you want to improve? Click here or scan the barcode below to make a request and help is on its way.



Adrian Kokthi –

Quad 3 – Courses and Staff

Adrian Kokthi (ACL of Mathematics & EQAO)

Joy Carter

Cindy Huang

Nahid Modam

Valbona Kokthi

Munavra Ahmad


 EQAO – Grade 9 Math 

Click here for the latest news about EQAO. 

  • If you are a grade 9 student and want to see some examples of the test or want more details for writing EQAO, you might use the EQAO Students page.
  • Parents can use the EQAO Parents page to learn more about this test. The information is offered in multiple languages.
  • For NACI’s last EQAO results please use this link

Math Curriculum

Here is the link to the Ministry of Education Mathematics curriculum documents to find out more about our Math courses.

Math Online Help

Here are some helpful online math learning and practicing websites that students can use to improve their math skills. (Homework Help)


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