Department Head: Adrian Kokthi – 

Semester 2 Math Department Teachers

Joy Carter
MEL3E1-01; MBF3C1-02; MFM2P-02

Cindy Huang
MCV4U1-04; MCV4U1-02 ; MPM2D1-05

Neshat Hyka
MTH1W1-14; MTH1W1-15; MTH1W1-12

Valbona Kokthi
MHF4U1-03; MPM2D1-01; MHF4U1-01

Nahid Modam

Maggie Licata
MPM2D1-03; MPM2D1-07; MTH1W1-09

Manjit Sahota
MCR3U1-01; MCR3U1-03; MCR3U1-02

Brian Warford

Adrian Kokthi
MTH1W1-05; MCV4U1-03; SSTCHT


 EQAO – Grade 9 Math 

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  • If you are a grade 9 student and want to see some examples of the test or want more details for writing EQAO, you might use the EQAO Students page.
  • Parents can use the EQAO Parents page to learn more about this test. The information is offered in multiple languages.

Math Curriculum

Here is the link to the Ministry of Education Mathematics curriculum documents to find out more about our Math courses.

Math Online Help

Here are some helpful online math learning and practicing websites that students can use to improve their math skills. (Homework Help)


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