The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. – Albert Einstein

The North Albion Collegiate Institute science teachers are committed to providing students an equal opportunity to expand their knowledge in the sciences, and moreover develop a deeper curiosity of the world around them. Our goal is to nurture an environment in which students critically think about the scientific processes that exist on earth and beyond. Our 1D and 2D courses create a technical foundation in chemistry, physics, and biology that can be deeper explored by students in our higher level courses, post-secondary education, and everyday life. Our program is designed to aid students in their journey to becoming young adults that are curious, collaborative, and the leaders of tomorrow.


Jagtar Mann –

Quad 3: Courses and Staff

Ms. Sekhon:

  1. SNC1P1-5A
  2. SNC1P1-5B
  3. SCH4U1-6A
  4. SCH4U1-6B

Ms. Kim:

Ms. Nicholson:



Mr. Vrapi:

SCH3U1 – 6A

SCH3U1 – 6B

SNC1D1 – 5A

SNC1D1 – 5B

Mr. Mann: 



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