The Technology Department at North Albion Collegiate Institute is constantly evolving to ensure that we are adequately preparing our students for success in their post secondary destinations. The courses we offer include skilled trades related courses such as Construction Engineering and Transportation Technology some of our students will follow these pathways to the high demand apprenticeships for carpenters and automotive mechanics but may also lead them to professional programs such as architecture and engineering. In order to meet the diverse needs of our students we also offer programs in Computer Engineering, Architectural Design and Communications Technology such as Multimedia.

Our courses place an emphasis on practical hands-on and problem solving skills that many post secondary programs require. Some examples include the field of mechanical engineering where many graduates will work in the automotive industry utilizing their knowledge of design, electronics and the computer skills that will be called upon to provide solutions  for today’s computer driven automobiles.

Department Teachers

Vandana Bhuller
AWQ4M1-01; AWQ3M1-01; AMU1O1-01 

Robert Boehm
TEJ3M1-01; TEJ3M1-02; ICS2O1-01

Elisa DiPonio

Shazia Kamboh
ICS2O1-02; ICS3U1-02; ICS3U1-03 

Donna Lim
TDA3M1-02; TDJ2O1-03; ICS2O1-03

Marcine Linder
AVI2O1-01; AVI2O1-02; AVI3M1-01

Ihor Sywanyk
AMQ1O1-04; AMQ2O1-02; AMQ2O1-01

Aleksandar Dosen

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