Digital Relations & Library

DEPARTMENT HEAD: Nikita Boodoo –

The role of the digital relations teacher at NACI is to support both students and staff with technology. My goal is to help the NACI community not only learn how to successfully use technological tools, but to also learn how to construct things of significance with those tools.

The TDSB outlines two essential strands in regards to digital fluency: digital foundation and digital participation.

Digital Foundation

I support staff and students by curating appropriate and useful resources, software, and platforms of significance. These tools will then support learners articulate their information needs, store and retrieve data through the use of digital technologies and systems.

Digital Participation 

The role of the digital fluency educator is to establish a sense of comfortability with technology with engagement and innovation. I continuously search for new and innovative technological tools that can be used in the classroom that promote digital collaboration. The tools shared are student-centered that encourage students to reflect on their knowledge, analyse different contexts and situations to solve real-world problems, answer questions, and produce meaningful outcomes. Communicating and collaborating effectively are two core components in becoming a digital learner.

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