History, Geography, Civics & Careers

Department: History, Geography, Civics and Careers

ACL: Ms. Navjot Jandu   navjot.jandu@tdsb.on.ca

Mission Statement

The Canadian and World Studies program will empower students to become responsible, informed and active citizens within the diverse communities to which they belong. 

Our courses promote:

  • An interdisciplinary lens and encourage students to think critically about current issues and historic events. 
  • Social justice lens to examine marginalized groups in society.
  • An Afrocentric focus to understand systemic racism and oppression.
  • Reading, writing and research skills to ensure students are ready for post secondary education. 
  • Use of technological tools to gather, analyze and communicate information.

Department members and courses 

List the members of your department for this quad only.  Include their course(s), email address and links to their digital classroom.  

Teacher name: Ms. Jandu
Course title and Code: Canadian Geography: CGC1D1-6A/6B
Teacher email: navjot.jandu@tdsb.on.ca
Digital Classroom Link: Brightspace Virtual Classroom
Teacher name: Ms. Thomas
Course title and Code: GLC2O1: Careers
Teacher email: ferne.thomas@tdsb.on.ca
Digital Classroom Link: Google Classroom

GLC2O1-6A link: Google Meet Link

GLC2O1-6B link: Google Meet Link 

Teacher name: Ms. Gandhi
Course title and Code: Canadian History: CHC2D1-5A/5B
Teacher email: Jagruti.Gandhi-Patel@tdsb.on.ca
Digital Classroom Link: Google Classroom Class Code: opla54k

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