Special Education Program

Students who are currently identified as exceptional  by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (I.P.R.C.) or who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) receive Special Education support.  A partnership of students, school, family, and support services is essential to the success of all special education students.

Students with a Learning Disability or physical exceptionality placed in the Special Education Program are entitled to the accommodations outlined in their IEPs and will receive special education support through one of the following programs listed below.

Learning Strategies 1 – GLE1/209

    is a credit course in Grade 9 and 10, which focuses on learning strategies to help students become better, more independent learners, and improve their personal management skills. Students will have the opportunity to learn the strategies and accommodations outlined in their Individual Education Plan while having the opportunity to receive support in areas of difficulty.

Advanced Learning Strategies – GLE3/4O9

    is a credit course in Grade 11 and 12, which prepares students to make successful transitions to post-secondary education programs. Students will have the opportunity to get help with homework, assignments, essays, research projects and presentations. In addition, they will investigate learning requirements and documentation required for employment and post-secondary education and the process for accessing support through the Special Needs Departments at post-secondary institutions

Indirect Support:

    Students are not enrolled in a Learning Strategies course, however they are entitled to all the accommodations outlined in their IEPs and encouraged to communicate with the Special Education Department if they need other supports.

Ms. Sefa, Special Education Assistant Curriculum Leader
416-394-7550 ext. 20043 or Irma.Sefa@tdsb.on.ca